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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  August 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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look at that. (chuckles) she kicked. (laughs) she has your prominent mental protuberance. is that a good thing? (chuckles): yes. it's a very good thing. right?! did you hear that? did you hear that? you have my probamental protuberance. how about that, huh? oh, she's kicking. what's that mean? (grant) tonight - a second terror
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attack in spain... this cambrils...a resort town south of barcelona... the attackers reportedly ran down civilians with a car...injuring five people. those terrorists...had bombs strapped to them. but spanish officers intervened before the bombs could be detonated...shooting and killing five alleged terrorists.(pam) that car attack...very similar to one just hours earlier in barcelona. that is where a van rammed a crowd.. killing 13 people and injuring dozens of others. it happened in the city's historic las ramblas district --- one of the top tourist spots in spain.. and the world. at least two terror suspects are
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in custody for the barcelona attack ... isis is claiming responsibility. right now... it is 7 a-m in barcelona. good evening i'm pam moore.(grant) and i'm grant lodes in for steve aveson. reporter omar jiminez is tracking developments from washington d.c. we want to warn you -- some of the images are graphic
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search for more people involved in the attack -- the prime minister of spain vows to not be intimidated by terror.mariano rajoy/prime minister of spain: "it is clear we are united in pain today, but also in the determination to fight against this barbarity."in washington, i'm omar jimenez reporting> (pam) president trump tweeted about the barcelona attack... saying: "the united states condemns the terror attack in barcelona, spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help. be tough & strong, we love you!" (grant) new at ten today's attack in barcelona is being felt here at home. in the east bay...spanish nationals are clutching their phones...keeping tabs on loved ones. kron 4's ella sogomonian is live in walnut creek at a spanish restaurant whose employees shared their
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worries. although they are an ocean away employees of teleferico restaurant are hurting for their hometown of barcelona where their friends and family were at the center of the chaos. sot: laura bas, barcelona native// "it's my hometown, my city, my life." employees of east bay restaurant telefericohave suffered through their day as they watched news from abroad of a van driving into a crowd killing pedestrians back home at a popular barcelona walkway. laura bas's family and friends were strolling along las ramblas road but fortunately survived.sot: laura bas, barcelona native// "i was in shock so i am far away but for me it's still my family and friends. and i feel a little bit scared as if i was there. it's just a little bit of anxiety of thinking what's going on what's happening.
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just always on your phone checking the news"teleferico restaurant has three locations in barcelona - one of which fell seige to the chaos. manager toni olmo describes the scene.sot: toni olmo, barelona native// "people that were in the restaurant and my colleagues working in the restaurant were hidden in the restaurant for like 20-30 minutes."olmo explains shock rippled through the spanish community especially because of the welcoming nature of their people. sot: toni olmo, barelona native// "barcelona is a very open city it's full of cultures and i know right now everybody there is suffering this terrible attack."while bas believes its not just about spain- but a growing problem of fear mongering tactics through terror seen in among its allies as well.sot: laura bas, barcelon native// "it's not about spain i think it's in general about the world about these extremist people that want us, the world, and europe get scared of them." (pam) developing tonight:
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president donald trump taking to twitter today to defend confederate statues.(grant) this comes as communities across the country are debating what to do with their own monuments.tonight -- confederate symbols in san diego, los angeles, and baltimore, have been removed. president trump tweeted today: "sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments." trump also argued taking down confederate statues would lead to the removal of other monuments. (grant) all this after a white supremacist rally in charlottesville virgina turned deadly.. the hateful demonstration began as a protest against the removal of a confederate statue there. (pam) a counter protester was killed... many others were
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hurt.. in his latest statement, president trump blamed 'both sides' for the violence. something that has been widely criticized by democrats and many republicans in congress. tonight -- the pushback against president trump and hate continues. take a look at the magazine covers for the new yorker, the economist and time magazine.... images of k- k-k hoods... and a nazi salute front and center. new tonight -- are local republicans still standing behind the president? (grant) kron4's hermela aregawi is live at the annual republican lincoln-reagan dinner in san francisco. (pam) hate groups have been the
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center of conversation ever since that deadly weekend rally in charlottsville. with a rally scheduled for san francisco in a little over a week... tonight, kron4's dan kerman looked into the hate groups which are active here in california. with opposition mounting to a
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so-called freedom day rally at crissy field in a little over a week one group that tracks hate groups has some advice for counter protesters sot seth brysk/anti-defamation league 09-19we urge people to stay away. they target areas like the bay area because theyw ant to elicit the reaction and the violence, this will draw attention to them and there cause and give them a reason to recruit others seth brysk is with the anti defamation league. he says the group promoting the rally, patriot prayer is more alt light than alt right.sotit means they still hold some bigoted views and other views that are beyond the pale but they tend to reject white supremacy as an ideology.still brysk says the alt right could very easily take over the rally at crissy field, instigate violence and try to recruit new membersthe southern poverty law center lists 79 hate groups in california and brysk says one of them the traditionalist workers party out of sacramento not only took part in charlottesville but has been active in the bay areasot they flyered on the campus of san francisco state this last semester, that's why brysk says whether or not that rally
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takes place at crissy field, even if the traditionally liberal bay area it's important to keep your eyes open.sothate in the bay area is still worthy of concern, there's a significant presence here the numbers are relative small, but as we've seen, it only takes one person to inflict great damage.standup dan kerman/sf 145-155the us park service is expected to decide whether or not to issue a permit for that crissy field rally within a week. in sf dan kerman kron 4 news (pam) the bay area fast food worker who is now out of a job after attending the white supramicist rally in charlottesville. denies that
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he is a white supermacist. in a statement cole white says, while there were people with those beliefs there. he and many others were there to stand for freedom of speech. white showed kron four some cuts on his elbow that he says were from being attacked by a razor by a counter protestor. he says, he didn't leave the event for his own safety, because he felt the other attendees of the rally would protect him. the berkeley hot dog chain 'top dog" says, white voluntarily resigned... after his participation in the rally was made public. (pam ) and last night on kron four news at 10.... we told you about the second bay area man to lose his job... after being outted for attending the white supremacist rally. he goes by johnny monoxide ... his real name is johnny ramondetta. he had been working as an contract electrician at the new sutter health hospital in san francisco. his employeer ... rosendin electric... says, he no
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longer has a job there. a gradual warming trend is forecast to continue through late week as high pressure builds over the region. with this, overnight and morning clouds can be expected as well, especially along the coast and nearby valley locations. a cooling trend is then expected late in the weekend into early next week as an upper level trough impacts the region. (grant) coming up:we are counting down to the solar eclipse.. tonight - we head to s-f-o to see just how far some people are going to get a better view> (pam) then - the teen daredevils who climbed the golden gate bridge have been charged. the amount of jailtime they could face for the dangerous stunt. (grant) and next:a starter for the raiders in trouble with the law... what we know about an alleged assault that happened over a holiday
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weekend. (grant) tonight - a
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raiders player is facing two felony charges. investigators say cornerback sean smith assaulted his sister's boyfriend in los angeles county. the alleged assault happened on july fourth. he is scheduled to be in court next month. if convicted...smit h could face up to seven years in prison this isn't his first run=in with the law. smith pleaded guilty to a d-u-i charge in 20-15. for that, he was sentenced to two years
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probation. (pam) an update on a story we first brought last night at ten. we are learning more about the two young children killed in a car crash in east oakland. the alameda county cororner's office has identified the boys.. as 6- year-old ezequias lopez and 11-year-old nixon lopez. it happened near the intersection of 55th avenue and international boulevard. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with a witness to the crash ... who now has to live with the disturbing images of those children losing their lives. (philippe) the impact was so horrific... sandra jefferson says the collision sent this blue chevrolet h-h-r flying into the air, landing on a trash bin.sandra jefferson/witness- "right here in the driveway of the taco, taqueria." jefferson says she had just parked near the food truck and made her order when she saw the two cars slam into each other. and,
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after the initial shock wore off... she says she and other witnesses were devestated to learn two kids were in the chevrolet. six-year-old ezequias lopez and 11-year-old nixon lopez. sandra jefferson/witness- "its really sad. i went to work today -- i didn't get any sleep. i told my boss about what happened and he just told me to take off and go home. i can't concentrate on anything. i keep thinking about those poor kids." paramedics did all they could to save the six and 11-year-olds... but by the time the kids were rushed to children's hospital... they were pronounced dead. marco marquez/opd- "last night's accident was a tragedy." oakland police officer marco marquez says the crash was first reported at around 8-30 wednesday night. he says a crysler 300 was headed westbound on international bouleveard... and, crashed into the chevrolet as it traveled east on international and tried turning onto 55th.marco marquez/opd- "alcohol and drugs were not a factor in this collision." officer marquez says it's unclear, at this time, what caused the crash or who is at fault. both drivers were taken to hospitals with serious but
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non-life-threatening injuries. the food truck parking lot was shutdown for several hours overnight, so sandra jefferson had to wait until the late morning to come back and get her car... she says unfortuantely, it'll be impossible to erase the memory of seeing one of the boys who passed away.sandra jefferson/witness- "it was just really hard to see them pull him out. i mean, he was lifeless when they pulled him out of the car. he was out of it completely." jefferson hopes this crash may lead to the addition of a stop light or sign in the area... in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. (grant) a police shooting in livermore last night left one man dead. it started just before nine at a home on via deste near montecito circle. police received multiple calls about a man acting strangly and challenging people to fight. when officers arrived, the man refused to obey their orders and went inside the home-- and grabbed a gun. authorities say the man began making suicidal comments and several shots were fired in the home. police had been
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negotiating for hours when they noticed a fire. a short time later-- the man came out of the house pointing a gun at police. that's when officers opened fire. (grant) the man was pronounced dead at the scene. one of the man's friend's watched the incident in shock. (friend of man's wife): "i've never seen anything like this. and then to be evacuated from your own home, it's worrisome for the neighbors and she was a good friend of mine so i was conderned about their safety." police say the man was home alone at the time of the incident. no one else was injured. the names of the person killed and the officers involved have not been released. (pam) a live look outside on this thursday night..(grant) brittney has the forecast.
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a gradual warming trend is forecast to continue through late week as high pressure builds over the region. with this, overnight and morning clouds can be expected as well, especially along the coast and nearby valley locations. a cooling trend is then expected late in the weekend into early next week as an upper level trough impacts the region.
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(grant) still ahead: -- we've been telling you about crime on the transit agency is looking for more cops -- and they're offering a big incentive. (pam) and next:following this near disaster at s-f-o involving an air canada
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flight... the new rules for night- time landings. what made two guys build race car engines in their own shop? what made them believe that a two-ton behemoth could compete in a track race?
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or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win? we may never truly understand what drives mercedes-amg. but here's to another 50 years of it. mercedes-amg. half a century of driving performance. ((pam/map)) breaking
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news out of san jose...we just got word of a double shooting. this is happening on 9th and east taylor street. according to san jose police.. officers arrived to find two people with gunshot wounds. they were rushed to the hospital with life- threatening injuries.the shooter is believed to have taken off on foot.. and is still on the loose. again.. two people with life- threatening injuries.. following a shooting in san jose.stay with us for updates. (grant) after a near collision at san francisco's international airport that would have been devastating... the faa is now issuing new rules at the airport. the new procedures apply to nighttime landings and control-tower staffing at s-f- o. pilots now must use
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instrument landing systems or satellite-based systems to line up for the correct runway. they will no longer be able to make so-called visual approaches to land. in addition-- two air traffic controllers must be in the tower during busy late-night periods. (pam) a homeless encampment fire spreads to a business ... causing nearly half a million dollars in damage. it happened in santa rosa .. today kron4's gabe slate talked to city officials who have a new pilot program to tackle the homeless issue. nats - firethis was the scene thursday morning in sata rosa when a fire engulfed the warehouse portion of the oriental rug master cleaners business at 1320 petaluma hill road. no one was injured.. firefighters quickly put it out but not before it caused 450,000 in damage to the structure and inventory.the fire started here next to the building in a small homeless encampment.sound from paul lowenthal / santa rosa assistant fire marshal" and the fire spread from the
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encampment up the backside of the building"paul lowenthal is santa rosa's assistant fire marshal he said they are looking for homeless people involved and will try to get them helpthey believe a in a housing first approach here santa rosa has launched a new city wide pilot program, homeless task forcepolice and fire and working with with city agencies like public works transportation and local homeless shelters to try to get their 3,000 homeless residents off the streets. sound from paul lowenthal / santa rosa assistant fire marshal" we are evaluating the larger camps around here for a health risk and safety risk " nats - bulldozerone of the largest encampments dubbed homeless hill, near farmer's lane and bennett valley road, was here for nearly 20 years.. now it's empty for the last few months city officials worked with the homeless here to place them in shelters before they came earlier this week to clean out the campsound from jonathan wolf / santa rosa police sergeant"this was a camp of essentially 50 people smoking
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on a hill fire risk and rats and human and animal waste " sergeant wolf says their outreach before the sweep was a huge success there was no arrests or incidents when they came to clean outand they got over half the people who lived here to accept housing and city services.homeless hill was just the beginning. the city wide task force is going to go from encampment to encampment with the same approach trying to move people from the street to servicesin santa rosa gabe slate kron 4 news. (grant)coming up.. he killed a man who professed his love to him on a national talk he is set to be released from prison.... tongiht hear from a family member who thinks the jenny jones show is partly to blame. (pam) but first..just how far some people in the bay area are going ... to get the best of the upcoming solar eclipse.
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(pam) we are just four days away from the solar eclipse.(grant) here in the bay area, we will see the moon block about 80 percent of the sun. that's not bad but a lot of folks are traveling to places that will see "totality" which is when
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the sun is completely blocked. kron4's charles clifford is live at sfo -- where are people headed to see the eclipse? well, we have heard from people online that many have already left or will be leaving soon to watch the eclipse on monday. here at sfo i caught up with several people who are excited for monday. monday's eclipse will pass from coast to coast, starting in oregon and ending in south carolina. here in the bay area, the moon will block about 80 percent of the sun but along what's called the path of totality it will be 100 percent. . bring night in the middle of the sfo on thursday, i talked with several people who are flying hundreds or thousands of miles to witnesses the eclipse in full effectmoriah nieves has family in st. louis.sotwe are going to my sisters house because she lives right in the path of totality. we also have the glasseslia swain is flying to idaho and plans to watch the eclipse at her parents house.sotmy brother is a welder so we are going to use his helmet to look at the sun.sothave you seen one? i've
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seen a partial eclipse.ed hejlek is also going to st. louis. he owns a home there and is having friends over.sot it will be a pool party! everyone i spoke to on thursday seemed excited about the eclipse.sotim excited.sot should be fun. see how the animals react.sotit's a once in a life time event for me. we have also heard that quite a few astronomers from here in the bay area have left already, including a group from the chabot space and science sfo, charles clifford kron 4 news. (grant) i'm here in the weather center with chief meteorologist brittney shipp... to get an update on the four zone eclipse forecast.
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a gradual warming trend is forecast to continue through late week as high pressure builds over the region. with this, overnight and morning clouds can be expected as well, especially along the coast and nearby valley locations. a cooling trend is then expected late in the weekend into early next week as an upper level trough impacts the region. (grant) one way to get a good view of the eclipse -- (grant) one way to get a good view of the eclipse --
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watch it right here on kron4. we will have extended coverage starting at 10:00 a-m on august 21st -- right after the kron4 morning news. we'll have cameras across the country and the bay area... to track the eclipse as it happens. (pam) the man connected to the brutal death of a woman outside a solano county mall last year, was in court today. reporter rowena shaddox is tracking the latest developments. 21-year-old william king will spend the rest of his life in prison, for bludgeoning to death 63-year-old cheryl sherwood, and striking christine jones in the head with a hammer more than a dozen times.christine survived. jones, a former safeway employee, was attacked outside wells fargo in vallejo february 2nd, last year.a day after, king killed sherwood in the macyús parking lot at the solano town center. itús the reason, the da
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decided to prosecute the case herself.king pleaded no contest and avoided being sentenced to death.but she says after working alongside both families, they opted to have king spend the rest of his days behind bars, giving them a sense of closure.for both families, justice has been served.ááástop sotááá remembering cheryl who dedicated her life as a registered nurse for for 35 years, and whose wish to donate her organs was granted. after several family members and friends read heartfelt statements to king, he had the chance to address them....he told them he was sorry for what he had done and how he hated himself for it.
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(pam) family members of the victim say, they forgive king, but they hate the evil action he has done. (grant) bart police are offering a ten-thousand dollar hiring bonus to attract new officers. in recent weeks, the police chief has said... the force is woefully understaffed.. and needs lots of new officers to fight crime on the transit system. the details came out today during a job fair at a-t-and-t park in san francisco. (grant) the goal is to add about 40 officers over the next 18 months. (grant) the teenagers who
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filmed themselves climbing the golden gate bridge are being charged with misdemeanor trespassing... and climbing on a toll bridge. peter kurer and thomas rector of wisconsin posted the video to social media last april. in the video-- the teens are doing flips and somersaults on the bridge. they are even hanging off the bridge from their fingertips without safety gear. climbing the golden gate bridge can land you up to one year in jail. the teens are scheduled to be in court in september. security measure on the golden gate bridge have been revised since the stunt. coming uphow fast do you thing you were going, i don't think i was going fast at all actually i'm really surprised that he stopped me talking to drivers can reveal a lot about someone, i'm at fault i'm not going to pretend that i'm not especially if they were just pulled over in a crackdown i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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blaming a television show for the death of their loved one. a michigan man will soon be released from prison ... after killing a man back in 19- 95. the victim professed his love to the suspect on a t-v show. reporter (a-new) anu (pra-kash) prakash has the latest. nats: "let's have john come out and see who has the crush on him. here's john."it was march of 1995 during a taping of the jenny jones show.scott amedure revealed he had a crush on jonathan schmitz who claimed to not be gay.nats: "well guess what? it's scott who has the crush on you." nats: "you lied to me"then three days later, schmitz showed up at armedure's home and shot and killed him.he was sentenced to 25 to 50 years in prison but has now been granted parole.we talked to armedure's brother over the phone.frank amedure, jr./scott's brother:"did he get what he deserved? i don't know. should he be in there longer? does he need more
10:46 pm
help? i don't know. so i struggle with all that. but he is not the only person that i blame for my brother's death!" that's because he believes the people involved in the show were never held accountable for their role and says they're just as much to blame for his brother's death as jonathan schmitz.frank amedure, jr./scott's brother: "the man told the producers that he wouldn't want to appear on the show if his admirer were a man." he says schmitz deserved to go to prison for murder but says the show not only knew what they were doing but pushed him too far.frank amedure, jr./scott's brother:"if my brother knew that schmitz felt the way he did before this happened, he wouldn't have gone on the show, i'm sure of it"these days, frank amedure junior says he struggles with depression and feels broken inside.he wishes he could know more about schmitz and what so many years in prison may have taught him.frank amedure, jr./scott's brother:"he's a bad guy out there on the streets or he's a guy who's done his time and who's truly sorry for what he did?" (pam) officials say, smith is scheduled to be
10:47 pm
released as early as next week. (grant) now to a crazy story out of albuquerque, new mexico... where a couple attempted to steal what's known as a bait car....a car the cops want you to steal so they can bust you. all of it was caught on camera."good job babe! i (expletive) love you dog!" "put your seatbelt on please.""yeah.""thank you." (grant) that was surveillance video inside the car. police say dominick pack and kaycee langston are the crooks. the video shows the two celebrating with smiles, but that quickly changes. police say bait cars actually shutdown when officers are nearby. "i can't run.""what? what do you mean you can't run? why can't you run?""did they lock it or what?"nats"let me see your hands."(grant) police say pack was going to get rid of the car the next day and buy a gun. police had to chase down both suspects before their arrest. a gradual warming trend is
10:48 pm
forecast to continue through late week as high pressure builds over the region. with this, overnight and morning clouds can be expected as well, especially along the coast and nearby valley locations. a cooling trend is then expected late in the weekend into early next week as an upper level trough impacts the region. the giants with the bay area to their self tonight the a's weren't in action -- tomorrow they'll open a three game set against the astros in houston. the panda hats were back at a-t and tee park... the giants opening a seven-game homestand. the region. trough impacts the region.
10:49 pm
the giants with the bay area to their self tonight the a's weren't in action -- tomorrow they'll open a three game set against the astros in houston.
10:50 pm
the panda marshawn lynch was asked today after raiders practice about sitting during the national anthem last saturday..."marshawn, the elephant in the room on saturday there was a lot of attention with you not standing for the national anthem.""i think the elephant just left the room cause a little mouse ran in here. didn't they say elephants are scared of mouses or something?" so this is not unusual for lynch... who usually doen't talk to the media at all... to downplay or give answers that don't seem to make sense... in a way it seems like he enjoys playing around with the media... going all the way back to his super bowl media "i'm here so i won't get fined" days... will he sit... won't he sit... who knows? over at 49ers headquarters -- marshawn's national anthem protest made some rumblings as the team also wrapped up training camp. head coach, kyle shanahan spoke to the media today -- he made it clear that if a player decides to protest against the national anthem... it would not be a distraction for him.
10:51 pm
"i'm not going to tell anyone what to do or not to do. i see stuff on tv also, things that are going on in this country and this world. i think anybody who sees that stuff and doesn't get the feeling that they'd like to do something about it to end that stuff, i think wrong with you. for a player, if they see that differently and they want to do that, i completely understand their intentions and why. because i think everyone lots of stuff that's pretty sad to see right now." the white house has not formally invited the warriors to the nation's capital... but
10:52 pm
they are expected to visit on february 28th. but one of the team's superstars already has decided he won't be attending kevin durant doesn't want to visit president trump... if golden state are invited. the n-b-a finals m-v-p says... quote... he doesn't respect who's in office right now. durant joins steph curry, andre iguodala, and shaun livingston as the players that won't make the trip to washington d-c. (pam) next at the top of the hour. a second terror attack... in spain.. five suspected terrorists were killed..but not beforing
10:53 pm
injuring six people... who is claiming responsibility for the attacks. kron 4 news at 11...all the day's big stories and your forecast, in half the time. (grant) but first... bad drivers in the penisula are keeping cops busy. people behaving badly is next.
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whenever a person is pulled over for behaving badly behind the wheel or on a bike, it is important to get both sides of the story (grant)officers pulled over more than 146 people in two cities on the peninsula and wrote 136 tickets. oh this is my favorite part, this is when we get to hear what some of drivers had to say good morning (good morning) channel 4 how are you today (good how are you)you know that school starting right yea actually i work for the school so you know you gotta stop man i stopped.and he stuck with that story even when officer kenneth cole mcdonald from the
10:57 pm
town of atherton police department presented him with is observations when you came up to it you rolled past the limit line then you actually sorta stopped in the crosswalk but you did come to a complete stop it's interesting what people say when to you when they've been pulled over for behaving badly behind the wheel this driver was stopped for doing 53 in a 35 do you know what the speed limit is on woodside road? (what is it) 35 huh 35 (i don't believe you sir i'm afraid to say but here let's talk to himhow you doing sir i was doing better before this guy stopped me, what happened ask him i'm asking you i'm talking to you right now well what do you thing happened how fast do you thing you were going i don't think i was going fast.then after a long and drawn out conversation. i asked the same question again how fast do you think you were going i would say 35, 35 to forty top the driver still insisted officer mcdonald was incorrect no sir i'm a person that if i'm at fault i admit my faults (right not all the time we understand that we are at fault you need to understand that) i do and you know what, this is the time thank you alright whatever driver safely but not everyone refused to own up.. this driver had a different approach after he rolled a stop sign.schools in session it's even more important now than ever that we continue to stop kids got other things on their mind as
10:58 pm
well trying to get to school on time so it's very important we come to a complete stop life happens i mean i'm at fault i'm not going to pretend that i'm not because we have to take responsibility for our actions he received a warning and we all got a good laugh out of his driversl license photothe bicyclist that was stopped for running the stop signi'm a cyclist myself i like all the mountain biking the thing i always do as a rule of thumb cars don't look out for you gotta look out for them she also got a warning what are the rules as a bicyclist pretty much the same as a car oh and the waffle eating driver i'm not going that fast and i wasn't really thinking one thing to remember with a plate of food if you were to get into an accident the plate would not only ruin your nice outfit but you would also be severly injured she was also given a written warning in redwood city and woodside stanley roberts kron 4 news
10:59 pm
(pam) now at 11.spain under seige. a 2nd terror attack .. in a beach town near barcelona.. injured at least six peopletonight, the five terrorists involved ... were all killed by police.(pam) thank you for joining us i'm pam moore.(grant) and i'm grant lodes in for steve aveson. this latest attack happened several hours after a van plowed through pedestrians in barcelona...
11:00 pm
take a look at where this is all happening. first in downtown barcelona where that van ran down people -- killing 13 and injuring roughly 100 pedestrians. then about sixty miles to cambril ( cam-breel)...five suspected terrorists were killed.authorities say the two attacks are connected. three other people have been arrested for the attack in barcelona...but the driver of the van is still on the loose. isis is claiming responsibility... but gave no proof. reporter omar jiminez is tracking developments from washington d.c. we want to warn you -- some of the images are graphic,